De-aggregation of SiO2 particles

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标    签:二氧化硅微球  无水和水相介质  自组装  解团聚  silica microsphere  anhydrous and aqueous media  self-assembly  de-aggregation  


Silica microspheres in the anhydrous and aqueous media are prone to self-assembly, which would seriously affect the properties of the particle research. In order to study the use of silica microspheres and particles, the research on the de-aggregation of silica microspheres needs to be carried out. We propose a method which is able to achieve the reunion of silica microspheres and particles. We experimentally study the characteristics of different scales reunion particles and phenomena. By using a Nikon microscope, it shows that silica microspheres de-aggregation can be well done, and the dispersion and stability of the particles can be improved.

中图分类号TN 205   DOI:10.3969/j.issn.1005-5630.2014.04.011